Pete & Julia's thanks

Pete, Julia & boys would like to thank the following people for all their hard work help and support through their very difficult time.

John Moor of Moorlands Printers for your help & support.

A big thank you to The Viceroy Brasserie high street Abbots Langley for the lovely meal to celebrate Pete's & Julia 20th wedding anniversary on Wednesday the 16th April. The food was delicious and we urge anyone to go and taste for themselves, you won't be disappointed.

Many thanks to Jerrold Donington, psychic artist & astrologer for our psychic drawings.

Watford Area Arts Forum for the wonderful help & support with my first ever art exhibition at The Newton Price Centre Watford.

Sally Ivins, for your tireless hard work in launching Julia's art exhibitions, 'what would I do without you'!! The Green Party Watford.

Thank you to Jane of Studio Fabrica for donating her commission from Julia's art sales to Petesfund.

We would like to give thanks to Holly Dalfen at Watford Grammer School For Girls for the exhibition of Julia's artwork to be sold between 7-16th July 2008.

A huge thank you to the Abbots Langley Tough Ten committee for donating a cheque to Pete's Fund on Fri 18th January 2008, it was so unexpected and we can not thank you all enough for the love and support you have all given us.

All our wonderful friends & family.

Paula Burgin (Ju's sister) We love and thank you for everything you are doing for us.

Samantha Deane (Pete's cousin) We can't thank you enough for this wonderful web site and the daily updates you work so quickly for us.

Claire (France)

Our parents for feeding, cooking & house work they help with while Ju works round the clock to campaign for Pete. We love you heaps xx

Alison Warner friend & member of the + 10 committee.

Anne Main MP & Mike Penning MP. You have been a great help to us.

Yvonne Hall BBC London news.

All at BBC1 Breakfast

All at BBC News 24 - you all made us feel at ease and covered our story really well, Thank you.

Watford Observer reporter Michael Pickard.

Hemel Gazette reporters Victoria West & Pete Bennett.

Sarah Cronin-Stanley. Renown Pictures Ltd

Carole Neilson, Mr Porter and Shelley Renowden (Frenchay Hospital, Bristol) You are so helpful and kind, we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Kings Langley Building Supplies

All the ladies of LUSH we can't thank you enough girls, including those at Lush UK, Lush North America and Lush Australia & New Zealand

Nik and Lisa Allen (My Abbots Magazine) for all the friendly help and advice and for keeping us in the local news.

Hoss (Hoss Photography) For the lovely family pictures you took of us all.

Rodger Tello (Mighty Minis racing) Thank you for a great day!!

Matt Watts of Under Control Promotions 0870 7872095. For all our wonderful orange t-shirts.

Pete Salo, The Corporate Triangle, for the printing of our invites.

Monica & all at The Kings Langley service club.

Kat & Hannah, Hunton Park, A huge thank you girls.

Wendi Peters, aka Cilla Coronation Street has donated to Pete a signed script from the whole cast that is being aired on 30 October 06. We thank Wendi (Cilla) so very much for her support and giving us such a wonderful item to auction.

Alan & Rita Cox, For and on behalf of 'The Choblers' UK branch

Simon Mayhew for the printing of our brochure for 4th November 2006

Louise Feather of Exclusive Editions, Harpenden for our wonderful printed shirts

Louise at Utopia Signs, Thank you.

Julie & Doug from The Villager, Thank you for your help to keep us in the news and raising cash for Pete in your shop.

Caroline Sweet who has been selling her paintings and donating a percentage to the fund, and e-mails us regularly for updates on Pete and has an AVM herself. God bless you Caroline.

The Abbots Langley Tough Ten Commitee for donating &6000 to Pete's Fund.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all at Kings Langley school for:

Bungee jumping, Footie match, Tough Ten race, posters, & LEG WAXING for the lads! You are all cool dudes & got you all down for the Sky dive!!

All the Trustees of Pete's fund

And to everyone who has donated money into the fund for Pete, we are getting there and will promise to carry on with the 'Pete's Fund' fund raising once Pete is well, to raise as much as we can for others.

God Bless to all and 'Thank you' so very much.

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