Press Coverage

'In debt to save husband!' featured in Pick Me Up 4th July 2008

Pete's story was featured in News of World Sunday magazine 9 December 2007

Pete & Julia live GM TV December 2007

'Ready to Blow' Pete's story featured That Life magazine August 2007

Pete's story was featured in the Daily Mirror on Saturday 9 December 2006

Pete has been featured on his local radio station, Mercury 96.6.

An update to Pete's story was in the Hemel Gazette on 23 November.

There was a further article, detailing the latest news and what is being done to help raise money for Pete, in the Watford Observer on 6 October.

The Watford Observer ran an update to Pete's story on 29 September.

Pete's story was the subject of an editorial in the Hemel Hempstead Gazette on 13 September 2006.

Pete, Julia and the boys were featured on BBC's 'Breakfast' programme on 13 September 2006, as well as on BBC News 24 the same day.

Pete's story was featured on BBC London News on 12 September 2006

Pete's story was featured in the Watford Observer on 8 September 2006.  As well as being on the front page, there was a more in-depth story inside.

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