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Pete had his first embolisation operation on 8 December 2006. It was performed at the Frenchay Hospital in Bristol and here's what Julia had to say:

Well we are home safe and sound a day early, Pete is doing great just very tired.

We spoke to Mr Porter last night and he has said Pete now needs to rest and enjoy christmas as much as possible with his family as Jan and Feb will be very difficult for us all.

He has been told his condition has got worse so will need 4 embolizations then a 15 hour op to remove the AVM his survival rate has gone down to a 1 in 4 chance of not surviving but they are doing everything they can, is in the best hands with wonderful surgeons working on him, Mr Porter said last night that he is still confident he can remove this and that Pete is so positive he has a good chance.


February 2008 - Pete now has his family home up for sale to help repay some of his debts that have amounted while fund raising to pay for his life saving surgery and the time to have the 6 operations needed. The family are now looking for a house to rent and will start packing over the next few weeks. Pete is still recovering from his surgery but is not expected to get the go ahead for work until May 2008.

The family will visit Norwich Union to ask for Pete's insurance policy to be re-examined in the hope they will make a critical life payment to Pete for the family to secure another home. Julia is still campaigning for her husbands right to live and is also currently organizing lectures for surgeons up and down the country to receive more knowledge on the removal of A.V.Ms & brain tumors, as this was the very reason Pete was denied treatment his only hope of survival was to be treated by an NHS surgeon in Bristol, which was quote 'out of area'

Julia quoted  'I will never rest until more surgeons have the training & skills to deal with these complex operations, I'm making it my goal to get more surgeons and key decision personnel fully informed of alternative treatments that are available through the N.H.S. so more lives are saved.'

3 June 2007 - Pete's operation is over and he is back at home recovering with his family. Such a momentous moment in the history of Pete's Fund merits its own webpage.

11 May 2007 - Pete had his operation yesterday and it was a success - the AVM was removed and the operation went very well. He is in intensive care and is expected to remain there for a week or so.

A brief editor's note from me, Pete's cousin Sam… I have seldom in my life met a more devoted and loving family than Pete's, extending out to his three brothers and his parents. For those of you who don't know them, your heart would break to see the agony they've been through these past few years. Please, with everything you have, send your thoughts and prayers to whatever form your God takes to keep them safe and for Pete's complete recovery. Thank you so much.

9 May 2007 - Pete and his family leave home today to travel to Bristol for his big operation. Pete will be featured on BBC London News bulletins on Thursday 10 May at 1330, 1830 and 2230 and again at the same times on Friday 11 May. The crew will be filming at the Frenchay Hospital. On Friday Pete's surgeon, Mr Porter, will make a statement on Pete's operation and his progress so far.

3 May 2007 - Pete has had all his embolisations, and his operation is still on track for 10 May 2007. On 5 May 2007 his family, friends and fundraisers will have a get together to have a much-needed laugh and wish Pete all the very best for the weeks ahead.

His last embolisation on 27 April 2007 was cancelled, as his surgeon Mr Porter felt that the AVM was now stable enough to remove and wanted Pete to conserve his strength for the big operation. Pete has been at home, walking and resting. The documentary crew will be following his progress in hospital, and the hospital film crew will be recording Pete's operation to use clips for future training purposes.

25 March 2007 - Pete had his fifth embolisation operation on 16 March 2007. It went as well as the others and Dr Shelley Renowden has now sealed off 90% of the blood vessels in Pete's AVM. This means he will need just one more embolisation on 27 April 2007 before the big one…

Pete's huge 15-hour operation to finally remove his AVM is scheduled for 10 May. The family are excited but understandably very nervous, so your thoughts and prayers are very welcome…

24 February 2007 - Pete has been turned down with his appeal for funding by the NHS and with 5 more surgeries to pay for the family need to raise more funds.
Can you help?

Julia will now apply for a 2nd appeal to West Hertfordshire Primary Care Trust for the funding of this life saving treatment and say if we are ever granted the funding after paying all Pete's hospital costs we will help others in similar circumstances.

A documentary scheduled for the summer is being filmed at present and the removal of Pete's AVM will be filmed for teaching purposes and small clips used in the film.

8 February 2007 - Pete and Julia travel back to Bristol for the fourth embolisation. The AVM is now shrinking ready to be removed but a further 3 embolisations are required - a massive 7 in total. Pete is in theatre for 5 hours and recovers well. He is being given a chance to rest now and his next operation will be on 16 March 2007.

18 January 2007 - Pete is recovering from his third embolisation procedure that took place today. The operation went well, with Dr Renowden sealing off a deep artery which should make the final operation much easier. Pete will be back in hospital again at the beginning of February. After this next operation, a decision will be taken about whether or not he will need further ones before the removal takes place.

5 January 2007 - Pete's second embolisation takes place. Dr Renowden seals off a large section of vessels and is pleased with Pete's recovery.

11 December 2006 - Pete is recovering well, but will need two more embolisation operations than were originally anticipated. The surgeon who performed the first one has said that the consequences for Pete if his AVM had burst would have been 'catastrophic' and has stated that only the surgery he is undertaking could have possibly saved him. Pete's family are around him, and he hopes to go home on Wednesday 13 Dec 2006.

The extra operations mean that we still need to raise more money, as Pete's treatment will now cost more than we bargained for. So please, keep it coming…

9 December 2006 - Pete had the first operation to stabilise his AVM performed by Dr Shelley Renowden at Frenchay Hospital. It went well but Pete is very ill and recovering in HDU, after four hours in theatre and having had six seizures. The AVM is far worse and more extensive than first anticipated with a much higher blood flow and will need another three stabilisation procedures before it can be removed. The next 36 hours are critical for him and, of course, Julia is right by his side.

The Daily Mirror featured Pete's story today and you can read the article on their website click here.

1 December 2006 - Pete, Julia and the whole family are thrilled to announce that we now have the money needed to pay for Pete's operation. Pete will go into hospital on 7 December 2006 to have his first stabilisation procedure. The BBC Breakfast film crew will film Pete as he goes into hospital and will run a special feature on him in the near future.

28 November 2006 - The family made the announcement that all the money had been raised on BBC London News. The news crew rang out of the blue to say they were on their way, leading to a bit of a panic in the Nash household!!

8 November 2006 - The Hunton Park House Party was a huge success and we're still counting the money that the 200+ people who attended so kindly donated. JC Bentley turned up to sing for us, games were played, items were raffled and auctioned and a great time was had by all! Pictures will follow soon.

Pete, Ju and the boys are having a well-earned break for a bit, to calm down, regroup and prepare for Pete's first procedure scheduled for 8 December. This is the first of two embolisations, to stabilise his AVM and prepare him for the operation to remove it which we hope will take place in early January.

24 October 2006 - You can now bid on items for auction at the Hunton Park House Party on 4 November.

15 October 2006 - We have just had an interview with the documentary makers. They are filming us at the moment and will be at the Hunton Park House Party. The documentary will be one hour long and will follow Pete having his surgery. They are also contacting 'This Morning' so will keep you up to date with all that as it happens.

14 October 2006 - Are you 'Doin it for Pete'? If so, let the world know by buying a Pete's Fund product from the new shop! A proportion of the purchase cost goes straight to Pete's Fund.

12 October 2006 - Local companies have very kindly donated some fantastic auction items for the Hunton Park House Party on 4 November.

11 October 2006 - The local MP, Anne Main, has brought up Pete's situation in the House of Commons on Monday. She has just said she is today writing to the Health minister and will ask for a reply to be sent to her. More as we hear it…

10 October 2006 - As a result of Pete's previous television appearances, he was approached to film a one-hour documentary which the family are currently working on.

8 Oct 2006 - It was decided that we would not show our visit to Harley Street on BBC London News due to concerns Pete had regarding this kind of surgery for his size of AVM.

4 October 2006 - We travelled down to Bristol to have talks with Mr Porter at the Frenchay Hospital where Pete has made his decision to be treated by him.

We are still fighting the red tape so fund raising continues. Will keep you all updated as it unfolds.

21 September 2006 - As a direct result of the recent television appearances, Pete and Julia met with some leading London neurosurgeons to discuss Pete's treatment options. It looks really positive! More as we learn it.

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