Sponsored Leg Wax - Friday 20 October 2006

Josh Campbell (Peter and Lewis's best mate) arranged this event which took place in the school hall on 20 October. Five sixth form boys volunteered to be waxed to raise money for the fund.

We had a massive turn out with most of the school paying £1 entry to watch and people sponsoring the lads for a go at pulling a strip of wax!!

Mr Gary Lewis, Headmaster of the school, also took part and supported us by having his leg waxed by the owner of Christies Beauty, Kings Langley High Street.

The guys that withstood the pain were: Josh Campbell (Hot Chocolate), James Sexton (The Sex), Burty Squires-Adams (The Grizzle), Laurence Issac (The Animal) & Ollie James (The Haymaker), Mr Lewis (Headmaster) & Mr Morgan (Teacher).

Thank you lads for the laughter we hope you are not toooo sore Thank you to Christies Beauty for your equipment and time given to support us, also for applying all the wax to the lovely hairy legs

Thank you to Kings Langley School for all your help and money raised. You have proved how much you care by supporting your pupils family, and we look forward to the Eid party on 31 October, another fundraiser for Pete's Fund.

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