Gosport Half-Marathon - Sunday 19 November 2006

On 19 November, Pete's cousin Chris ran the Gosport Half-Marathon to raise money for Pete's Fund. Chris was new to running before this, and loony that he is has decided that he quite likes it! Chris has raised around £750 thanks to the generosity of those who sponsored him.

Chris says:

Weather was perfect, and I trotted around the 13 miles in 2 hours 13 mins 42 secs. Was hoping to duck 2 hours, but hey ho, I made it around without stopping which was my first aim!!!! Tough going at times, but dug deep, thought of a hot bath and went for it!

I attach a photo of me 'aiming' for the finish line, I say aim as me legs were a tad wobbly by 12 miles (it's a grimace,…not a smile!) as proof of purchase! The results are online now for final confirmation for any disbelievers! I finished 884 out of 984 finishers…………so it's the Olympics next in China for me!!!! :o()

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