Bungee Jump at Datchet - Saturday 30 September 2006

Also on Saturday 30 September, Pete, Julia and family had organised a Bungee jump with 25 family and friends all leaping from a 160ft crane in Datchet, near Windsor.

This event was terrifying for all apart from Darren Burgin (Petes brother-in-law) as it was his 5th bungee jump, and John Greening (a friend of the family) as he had launched himself from the highest bungee jump in the world (very brave man so you are down for the skydive next!!!)

Peter 16, Lewis 16 and Benn 14 (Pete's sons) all took the leap of faith along with lots of their very brave friends. They have raised over £1400 with sponsor money still to come.

Julia who is terrified of heights was not down on the list of jumpers BUT on the day her friend waved £100 in front of her to take the leap for her husband soooooo up she went almost having a heart attack!

Julia said, 'I was sick with terror but how could I refuse - I took a deep breath and jumped', together with her brother John. She saw her friend crying so held up her Diploma certificate for the jump and said 'Look, this is the only Diploma I'll ever have'!!!!!

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