About Pete Nash

In 2004 Pete Nash, a loving husband and father of 3 boys, was diagnosed with a large AVM in his brain

It has caused him to suffer with epilepsy and as a result he cannot work, drive or do any of the sports he so loved doing.

His memory has been affected also making it difficult for him to remember short term things, like what he did yesterday !

If left alone, this AVM could 'burst' at any time. It is large and it is bulging!

When it does burst, Pete will either die instantly or suffer a massive stroke.

This AVM needs to be removed. Sadly, the local Primary Care Trust have turned down the funding as in their eyes the operation is 'too risky'.

Fair enough! BUT Pete needs it so we are trying to raise enough money to pay for the operation ourselves.

Any donations are greatly appreciated, be it £1 in cash or an item we can raffle or auction. Every little bit you donate will make a massive difference to us!

Thank You!

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